Approved by F.I.P.S.e.d. – ROME (Italy) –18-19/11/2016

Only the members of a national Federation affiliated with C.I.P.S. and F.I.P.S.e.d. who have fully paid their annual membership fees shall be allowed to participate; their Federations shall designate them.

Regarding the national teams, the team anglers must hold the same nationality as the Country that they represent. There shall be only one (1) foreign competitor.

In any case, foreign competitors can be entitled to be part of a national team only on condition that the following requirements are met:
- The competitor shall have resided in said Country for at least 5 years and he/she shall hold an official document confirming that;
- The application shall be forwarded by the Nation the angler wishes to represent.

The registration fee is € 1,250.00

The boats ( supplied by the organisers, personal or rented out of the organization ) shall be divided into two groups, namely groups A and B, depending on engine power (group A shall consist of boats with more powerful engines, group B boats with less powerful engines). The boats shall be numbered from 1 to n (with n being equal to the number of boats participating in the championship). Groups A and B boards shall be of different colours.

Each group (A or B) will be also divided into two under-groups that will depart with interval of time of 3 minutes. For the second leg, the under-groups order of departure will be reversed.

The organisers shall make sure that the competition program puts well in evidence the engines power that will be made available as well as the maximal speed limits allowed, which shall correspond to the average speed of the boats supplied by the organisers, on condition that this speed limit is authorized by the navigation rules in force on the concerning waters. Stewards shall ensure the respect of the speed limits.

During the two training days, the team members, the captain and the vice-captain may be on board their national teams’ boats (on condition that these latter are homologated for 4 persons).

The owners of boats directly rented outside the organization cannot act as stewards, as drivers or be present on board of their personal boat during the training or competition days.

Each competitor is expected to fully abide by the competition rules. When some particular national or regional rules are also in force, they shall be communicated to all nations registered to the championship, by annexing them to the competition program.

Using echo sounders and GPSs is allowed. During the competition, the use of auricular, telephone or walkie-talkie is allowed to anglers but is forbidden to stewards, who can use them only in case of force majeure.

The competitors shall be the only ones allowed using landing nets. The use of a landing net is compulsory to recover fish; grapnel, Lip Grippers and Boga Grips are prohibited for recovering a fish. They can only be used for removing an artificial bait out of a fish’s mouth.

It is forbidden to fish in boat start and arrival areas and in any area forbidden to navigation, as well as outside the competition limits zone.

The distance between boats during the competition in a lake or in an artificial basin shall be of at least 50 metres (both during angling and when navigating near another “pair”). The distance between boats during competition in a canal or a river shall be of at least 50 metres during angling and of at least 20 metres during navigation, with a speed as lowest as possible and by the side indicated by the anglers in fishing action.

A world or zone ranking per Nations shall be drawn up for all championships, taking into account the best 5 results over the 6 past years; such ranking list shall be updated every year and published on F.I.P.S.e.d.’s website.

The official venue shall be organized as follows: fourteen-day absolute closing before the first training day for all the members of the participating official delegations. During these 14, training at the venue shall be forbidden for all Nations in the entire area chosen for the championship; the anglers shall not be allowed to navigate on the venue waterbody in the 14 days prior to the competition, even without their angling gear. It is forbidden for the organizing Nation to organize any competition during the aforesaid 14 days

A certificate stating the results obtained shall be delivered to all the three first ranked Nations official members, who shall be present at the prize giving ceremony, as well as to the five first ranked “pairs”.